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Falling Down And Dying Is More Common Than Murder

Your chance of dying in the United States by falling down is 1 in 246, while your chance of being murdered is 1 in 325. Falling deaths usually result from slipping on ice or tripping over household clutter or uneven surfaces. We will all meet our fate someday and fortunately less than 0.3% of us will meet our doom by being shot by another person.

You are much more likely to die by the one of the following means:

Heart Disease 1-in-5
Cancer 1-in-7
Stroke 1-in-23
Car Crash 1-in-100
Suicide 1-in-121

Life is Great at 35 and then Gets Better

Most people do not feel economically or emotionally comfortable until they reach 35, and then for the next half of their lives things continue to improve. Studies have shown by the time we reach our mid 30s most of us are finally confident about who we are and our abilities. This is the stage in life when almost everything has become routine enough for us to truly relax and enjoy what matters. From this point on life is much more calm, and we are less prone to anger and upset because we have reached emotional and mental maturity. This is also when we are able to put a lot of things into perspective and determine what is relevant in our lives. This is when we become certain about our place in the world, and have a clear idea about what we want to accomplish in life. This is also the start of the time that we continue getting happier until we reach our happiness peak at about 69.


We May Be Living In A Simulated World

What is reality? Oxford University philosopher Nick Bostrum is fairly certain that nothing in our world is real. In fact he claims we are all part of a computer simulation.

How is this possible? Well based on trends in computer processing power, many experts contend that within fifty years we will have computers where people will be able for entertainment or research purposes, create worlds and universes where “people” like us would even have simulated consciousness. If this is the case, then there are probably millions of perceived universes. In them real people are creating worlds with their simulated ancestors to see how they would progress under an array of various circumstances. This is much like how scientists now built computer models for predicting weather, or a bit like a super advanced version of the popular computer game called The Sims.

So what may be happening, as you worry about the economy or love life, is that there is an advanced civilization in a real galaxy that is controlling our world. If this is true the omniscient, omnipotent creator of the heavens and earth could be somebody’s evening hobby. 


The Top Ten Most Important Skills of Self-Reliance

Self-reliance is the most fundamental skill people need to have a happy and successful life. Our top ten basic skills of self-reliance are:

1. The ability to interview well for jobs

2. Knowing how to perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver

3. Learning how to live below your means

4. Knowing how to change a tire

5. The skills to be a great parent

6. The ability to manage your time well

7. Knowing how to parallel park

8. Knowing how to listen

9.  The ability to jump-start a car

10. Being able to see things from other people's perspective 


There is a Lot More Good News Than Bad News

by Charly Mann

By almost every metric the world is a much better and safer place to live in now than in the past. In the last 20 years the number of people living in extreme poverty has been cut in half. Smallpox, a disease that killed 500,000,000 people in the 20th century, has been eradicated. (That is more than all the people killed directly or indirectly in all the wars and insurrections from 1900-2013.) And incredibly in the just the last 150 years the human lifespan has more than doubled from 35 years to almost 80. 

The business of news is to attract viewers and readers, and the news media knows negative stories get far more attention than positive ones. They select stories to cover which will attract the most attention and have the best storyline for keeping people hooked. Important news such as violence is declining throughout the world and we are currently experiencing the most peaceful time in human history, gets no coverage at all.

Less than 1% of the news reported by mainstream media is useful in helping us make better decisions or relevant to our lives. It is filled with sensationalized events that are usually taken out of context to make us believe that most of what is going around us is bad. As a result most of us feel helpless and depression is on the rise. While it is sad that a few hundred people died in a plane crash, or hundreds of homes were destroyed by a hurricane, how does this affect us as individuals? Because we live in a world of 7.5 billion people, the law of large numbers means that bad things are always going to be happening. It is important to remember that bad things are actually happening far less frequently than at any time in history, and our economic well-being, health, and safety have never been better.


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